Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Two Pyrenees and Three Dogs.

Our family owns two Pyrenees dogs and three other dogs two of them which are small and the other is medium, all are boys except one of the Pyrenees. There names are Freight-train, Jewel, Ace, Moseby, and Ricky. Just the other day I saw my younger siblings playing outside, they were playing survival, and in our back field, and sometimes coyotes go back their, at night of course,but I still had to go back there and be with them. Only I couldn't go back there because I'm sick and it's could, but I was planning on going anyway.

They're Safe. 

while I was getting ready I saw the dogs following them, and the strange thing was the dogs, the dogs were in a circle except Ace was in the North, Freight-train in the East, Moseby and Ricky in the South and Jewel in the West. and the dogs were all laying at those spots, it gave me the idea that the dogs were protecting the kids so I decided that I didn't need to go out. So I let the dogs do their work.
It made it all exciting and fun I'm sure the kids were using them as guard dogs.they came in as happy as honey bee's and I knew that they were safe.


Our dogs are pretty special and they are so kind, now I didn't have time to actually take a picture but this is what their breeds looks like.  The Pyrenees get really dirty like these two up here, but they are only dirty because they hunt all the time to keep our house safe from coyotes.
The Pekingese is the dog up at the top of the pictures 
this dog is really soft and kind but he does bite. Otherwise 
he's a great dog. Ace is our Border collie and we got him for free this is only because the original owners trained him to be a cow herding dog but Ace only wanted to have fun, so they sold him because, he didn't pass the test I guess, but here at our house he is really good at herding.
He is a loving dog, with black and white fur and the softest to, I love that dog.
The last one is Ricky, he is a loving and a quiet Chiwawa..
He sometimes is a annoying dog though.
but we still love him.
We love our dogs  and they're the best.

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  1. Love your heart, little one! You make your mom smile!