Sunday, March 27, 2016

Art in Many Forms.

Art as we know it has many forms and everyone is familiar with it even if  we don't know it. Music, books, and every day things. There is detail in every thing we see, the covers of C.D's the music on the C.D there are many more things we can focus on that have detail, like a house, a dresser and a bed frame. It all takes detail, so if anyone love's how their house looks then  they like art or they just really like their house. 

Art Helps Us See the World In a Better Way                 

There are many kinds of art and it's all around us, it helps 
us see the world in a better way, by making sense it helps us 
build houses, teapots, and clothing. God used art to create 
this world we live in, the universe we explore, and man kind.

Everything you see is man made, which makes it art. Cooking is an art, the music you here is art,
amazing how people can imagine a picture in their head, while they're reading a book. We can only see these pictures because of the detail someone puts in the book we read, which makes the book exciting and sad. Art is everywhere and most people consider it as a big deal, so go check out a art museum it might change your life.


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